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What is the difference of a SEO position and a Technical SEO?
In general, SEO can be divided on content and technical. Both of them got way more competitive and professional in the last years. So today, the content side is not just about keywords anymore, but about user engagement. The technical side changed from dealing with html meta-tags to ensuring that the websites are build on a way that bots can understand.

What are the skills a Technical SEO Manager needs to possess compared to a regular SEO Manager?
A technical SEO manager needs to deeply understand how the internet works (HTTP, CDNs, caching..) and how a bot crawls and indexes a website (HTML, Javascript rendering, robots.txt …). Besides that, we need to analyze big amounts of data so Python and/or SQL knowledge would always help, especially when Excel is not enough.

When it comes to Technical SEO — what is a latest trend which you are excited about?
Blockchain SEO… 🙂 Just joking, basically the Google algorithm is a big black box, so testing on my own side-projects and then later applying it successfully on big websites is kind of exciting.

How come you changed from psychology to SEO?
Actually my thesis was about UX and I always loved technology and coding. Another path could have been frontend design or product management but the blackhat and hacking spirit of SEO back then was very attractive.

What was your favorite project so far and why?
I don’t have a single favorite one. At kfzteile24 we build everything — starting from zero, we hired and trained the team, built the website, etc. It was like building a startup from scratch but with a 600 person company behind.

AZOWO is the first very early stage project I joined and I really like working with the founders and the team that just starts to grow.

What is your favorite Project A value?
“Use Data & Think One Step Ahead”. We need to be fast at taking decisions and avoid overengineering. Instead of “just do it”, my approach is rather to build some framework to guide the important decisions. For example, a small market analysis to understand the target groups before to expend all the budget on wrong keywords.

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