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A photo of David Kübler, Senior Sales Consultant - Revenue Operations at Project A
October 2021

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We’d like to introduce David Kübler, Senior Sales Consultant – Revenue Operations at Project A. David joined our Sales team less than two years ago, and his career growth has been quite astonishing. Read on to find out why he believes that anyone with expertise in video games can be a great operations person and learn about his journey at Project A.

The beginning of David’s Project A story dates back to his university days, long before he joined our operational team. He first heard about Project A and the VC environment through his university classmates, who often whispered about the “special ops agents who go into their funded companies delivering  their expertise, saving the day.”

After walking past our building every day on his way to class and knowing what Project A was all about, David decided he wanted to become one of those operational agents he had heard so much about.

By the time David joined Project A, he had spent a lot of time learning about sales and marketing technology software at other companies and had a basic knowledge of digital marketing – and his career trajectory took off once he joined Project A.

“I remember my first project. I was supporting one of our Private Equity investments. I struggled, but it was everything I had imagined: I worked with experts just like I had always heard about, and I got a lot of input into my work, which helped me polish my skills and learn so much.”

David’s arrival at Project A was also the start of his focus on Revenue Operations.

“I really wanted to develop into this direction, and thanks to the support of my team and the leadership, we made it happen. We have worked hard to create a vibrant community around the topic and talked to our ventures about working with a RevOps mindset. Going from fanboying over Toni Hohlbein, CEO & Co-Founder of Growblocks, to sharing the stage with him a few months later! I am very grateful  to all those  supporting me along the way.”

At Project A, we encourage learning and knowledge-sharing regardless of seniority – and in David’s case, it wasn’t any different. He considers the learning curve to be “off the charts,” and he feels fortunate to be able to learn from and interact with talented people both within Project A and our portfolio companies.

“I get to look under the hood of some incredible companies to understand how they solved their specific problem and went on to become a unicorn.”

According to David, there are a few key factors to succeeding in Sales & RevOps roles. From uncovering insights and metrics to understanding revenue to juggling different stakeholders and mastering software systems, these roles are broad and require a lot of agile thinking.

“You need to enable the Sales team and should treat them as users, so you need to be as user-obsessed as your colleagues on the product team. But you also have a responsibility to management because they need to be able to steer the ship – and you need to enable them to do so. That’s why delivering insights is a key part of the job.”

David describes the Sales and Customer Success team at Project A as “a bunch of hungry people who are passionate about delivering growth and proving their impact to our portfolio companies.” He believes that anyone with a decent experience with video games can be a good operations person because “a revenue engine is basically a multiplayer role-playing real-time strategy game.” 

Whether you’re good or bad at video games, here’s your chance to apply for one of the “special ops agent” jobs David mentioned and join Project A or one of our portfolio companies.

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