All Eyes on Moritz

Moritz Trutschel
Tech Consulting
October 2016

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You have also worked at a smaller portfolio company of Project A and the Otto Group, what motivated you to join Project A?
Project A offers a unique opportunity to work for a Venture Capital Fund but getting to know start-ups, scale-ups and private equity owned companies in depth at the same time as you are supporting them operationally. You work with a lot of smart people with different areas of expertise, always open to help out and share knowledge. That made the decision to join Project A very easy for me.

Tell us about your Project A journey. How did it start?
I joined Project A roughly 5 years ago after finishing my dual studies in Hamburg. As I have decided to put a lot of focus on practical experience during studying and got to know a lot of different departments it felt very natural for me to join Project A since my #1 goal has always been to learn as much as possible across a variety of different disciplines. In line with that goal I started in the Venture Development team, owned different projects ranging from internationalization to interim internal and external positions. I developed a very broad skillset, but also wanted to gain expertise in a certain area that has been interesting for me since my studies and that’s Tech. I have been working in Web & Data Analytics and wrote my Bachelor thesis about A/B Testing. That’s why I am leading our Tech Consulting team today, combining business and technical skills and helping our ventures to scale their technical processes and infrastructure.

In what ways is Project A helping you to achieve your career goals?
As there is no “blueprint” for a career path, Project A is supporting personal growth by providing the right environment and culture to find your way and shape your career. You could either develop expertise within one specific discipline but also build up a career across multiple disciplines. There are several examples within Project A who started in one department but ended up in another.

Why would you recommend people to join Project A?
For people who are eager to learn, work cross departmental and get to know new things every day , Project A is definitely the right place to be. I believe an employer to get to know a variety of disciplines and different industries across different stages is a unique offering and opportunity to grow. Project A is providing that place and there is something new that could be learned every single day.

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