All Eyes on Natalia

Natalia Bulashenko
November 2017

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Natalia joined Project A back in 2017. What started as a Junior Visual Designer job turned into a leading position responsible for a team of five. As Project A’s Head of Design, Natalia’s work is multi-faceted. Find out more about the world of design at Project A, Natalia’s career and work and why she’d love to be able to turn into strawberry jelly.

Why did you join Project A? What made you decide to?

I initiated my career working in relatively small graphic design studios in Barcelona and Berlin, focusing on branding, editorial design and print. In many ways, design as a practice has evolved over the years. My perception shifted from viewing design as a craft to understanding its business impact. I was keen on going deeper into building digital products, shaping the user experience from start to end, and Project A, with its extensive portfolio of digital companies, seemed like a great place to get started.

Tell us about your Project A journey. From the beginning to where you are now.

I joined Project A as a Junior Visual Designer in 2017 and developed to my current role as Head of Design in the following three years. I started executing smaller design tasks for internal purposes but quickly acquired more responsibility and involvement in more extensive projects and quickly gained full autonomy. Through the interaction with stakeholders and colleagues, I realised that I am as interested in doing design as in human psychology and personal relations. Creative thinking didn’t only serve me when translating business objectives into visual communication but also when suggesting services that address our customers’ needs, coaching designers to contribute to their development and defining a career path that supports my team member’s life and career aspirations.

In what ways is Project A helping you develop yourself to achieve your career goals?

Having the freedom and flexibility to experiment and grow, I received from Project A all the tools that would support my development, including training, coaching, access to conferences and events, learning material, etc. On top of all the perks and benefits employees can get from Project A as an employer, I think the management and colleagues’ personal support and trust are priceless. I feel like I put my heart and soul into my work, and this is being recognised and rewarded.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be?

Shape-shifting. I imagine it to be a highly varied power. I could transform into animals and use their abilities, impersonate other humans and experience their lives, or even turn into an inanimate object, a burning candle, strawberry jelly or a waterfall flowing into a river.

Thank you, Natalia, for being so open and sharing your thoughts!

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