Building and investing with Europe’s Operational VC

I am happy to start as Principal in Project A’s investment team

By Jack Wang

Those who know me know that I am a self proclaimed geek 🤓. I also had a very non-traditional path into VC having worked in a few different operator roles — software engineer, product manager and finance analyst across the US and APAC before starting as a tech investor here in Europe. So naturally when I first came across Project A and the concept of an “operational VC”, I was immediately blown away by the vastness of resources that Project A’s portfolio founders had supporting them. Project A has over one hundred start-up operational experts that are dedicated to their founders with real hands on support — a platform model that is more common among big Silicon Valley funds.

After getting to know the amazing people at Project A over the last few months, I am excited to announce that I have joined Project A as a Principal on the investment team! It just makes sense that a tech VC would have technical people that work with their start-ups.

Joining Project A’s growing London office

I will be supporting Project A from their London office in doubling down on early stage enterprise / deep tech and further expansion into gaming across Europe and the UK. Project A has already done multiple outstanding investments in both categories, backing founders of disruptive companies such as SprykerMicropsi and Electric Gamebox. I look forward to turbo boosting the Project A team with my diverse operator background and my learnings from backing exceptional founders of enterprise / deep tech start-ups like CarbonChainDreamQuark and DataForm and gaming start-ups like StreamlootsOmeda Studios and Included Games.

Come and build with us here at Project A! (Fortnite, Epic Games)

I am thrilled to be on board and able to cover two very different categories of tech that are both close to my heart. If you are a founder building an enterprise / deep tech 🤖 or gaming 🎮 start-up please do reach out! I am always up for meeting amazing people that are challenging the status quo.

Speak soon!

Jack’s Bio

Jack Wang is a software engineer turned product driven tech investor. 10+ years in software development, product management and technology investments working with tech industry leaders across US, UK, Europe and APAC. Jack completed his MBA from London Business School with exchange at UC Berkeley Haas. Jack also holds Bachelor of Engineering (Bioinformatics) with 1st Class Honours and Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) from UNSW, Australia.