Creating a world where mental health is universally understood, nurtured, and celebrated — why we invested in Unmind

We are super excited to back the incredible Unmind team in their journey to improve the mental well-being of 10 million people in organizations around the world

By Nina Jetter

We are super excited to back the incredible Unmind team, alongside our friends from Felix Capital, in their journey to improve the mental wellbeing of 10 million people in organisations around the world. Welcome to the Project A family!

Mental ill-health is the scourge of our times

Our mental health is one of the most incredible things about being human. We all have it, all of the time. But 1 in 6 employees will experience some form of mental health issue related to work this year. Built on the premise that prevention is better than cure, Unmind focuses on providing employees with the right care at the right time. From training to education, assessments and clinically validated tools, Unmind has a holistic approach to mental health and aspires to be the 24/7 “home” for mental health.

More and more leading organisations across the globe have put mental health on the boardroom agenda to lift the metaphorical fog that exists around mental health services — driving increasing demand for innovative solutions. We strongly believe that Unmind is best-placed to tap into this huge opportunity.

Unmind’s mission really is captivating…

Throughout our meetings we were impressed and swept up by the spirit and culture of the Unmind team. Everyone is motivated by Unmind’s goal to really make a tangible difference for the mental wellbeing of millions of people in organisations around the world.

To drive a wider cultural change by positioning mental health as something that we all feel inspired to work on, that we all understand, nurture and celebrate is what gets Steve, Ry and Nick out of bed in the morning.

… and inspires many organisations

Truly mission-driven, Unmind not only managed to attract great talent but also works with some well known UK businesses including John Lewis & Partners, ASOS, Just Eat and British Airways to name just a few. Over the last few years, Unmind has seen incredible growth, growing its revenue by more than 300% in 2019. Unmind’s service is today available to over 350,000 employees in more than 50 countries.

Personally, I am very excited about welcoming Unmind to the Project A family — adding an amazing company to our growing digital health portfolio.

For more info about Unmind, check out their website.