Meet our new CMO, Thuy-Ngan

We are happy to announce that Thuy-Ngan has taken over the role of Chief Marketing Officer at Project A!

We are happy to announce that Thuy-Ngan takes over the role of Chief Marketing Officer at Project A!

At just 29 years old, Thuy-Ngan has already had an amazing career at Project A: She started out in 2015 in our marketing team, where she quickly became an essential part of the team, rose through the ranks of the company only to be hired by Facebook. However, lucky for us, she returned to Project A to work even closer with our ventures helping them scale their marketing. So the only logical next step for us is that Thuy-Ngan becomes Chief Marketing Officer at Project A!

Thuy-Ngan transitions from Head of Customer Acquisition to her new role as CMO at Project A to continue pursuing our mission in enabling our ventures to grow as best as possible. As CMO she will focus on new challenges in digital marketing. Thuy-Ngan’s goal is to prepare our ventures in moving away from manual campaign optimization towards high-impact strategy tests of creative or technical nature.

“The time of deterministic user tracking and optimization is over. Marketing will fundamentally change in the upcoming months and those who will miss that change, will have a problem in the future. We are here to help adapt to that shift early on.”

Thuy-Ngan joined us in 2015 coming from Zalando and BOSCH. She stayed with us for four years, excelled at what she did till she was hired by Facebook in 2019 where she worked as Client Solutions Manager. To our delight, she decided to return to Project A, because she missed working with exciting new ventures where she could make a difference in helping them scale.

To mention just a few of her projects with our ventures, she scaled Facebook ads during Christmas high season at Wonderbly and onboarded a top-notch grads team on it to take over and recently supported Trade Republic as Interim Paid Growth lead.

Thuy-Ngan – a driven marketeer, a skilled team lead, a caring mother, and a “silver bullet” when it comes to driving growth of start- and grown-ups. It is an honor to have her on board and have her support our portfolio with her team. She brings in the excellent combination of high performance and unpretentious attitude that we value so much.

Well deserved and way to go, Thuy-Ngan!