Meet our new Principal: Leo! 

Leopold Lerach has been promoted to Principal at Project A.

by Uwe Horstmann

This is a very straightforward piece of news, yet a truly important step for Project A as a venture capital firm — and in fact, for me personally: Some of the truly best moments in Project A’s journey since I co-founded it in 2012 are when exceptional people choose to start, shape and build their careers with us.

Leo joined us as an intern in 2018 and quickly became an integral part of not only the investment team, but the entire Project A organisation. With a background in economics and a keen interest in technologically complex challenges, he was tasked with driving our investments in B2B software and infrastructure. And he has hit the ground running, impressing everyone here at Project A, both on the investment team and on the operational side, with which he is closely involved given his investment focus.

Leo focuses on digital infrastructure and has established himself as an expert in the industry. Not by shouting obvious pseudo-wisdom on social media, but by being an excellent analyst and collaborator. Investments such as Quix, Priceloop, Alvin, Gigapipe, Vaeridion, Black Semiconductor and Restack were made possible as a result.

When it comes to summarising Leo’s approach to venture investing, “the critical mind” describes it best. And it has served him well: The portfolio of infrastructure and data companies has grown significantly with his leadership of the team on these issues. The critical mind is what allows him to quickly build rapport with entrepreneurs, even in very complex businesses. It’s his tool for moving beyond the familiar territory of data and infrastructure to look at cutting-edge technologies, such as new approaches to aviation or security challenges. And it’s also his critical, sharp mind that often gives me that “yes, that’s a better way to put it” feeling when I’m discussing with him.

Congratulations, Leo!