All Eyes on

  • All Eyes On Marie-Claire

    All Eyes On Marie-Claire

    Marie joined our Tech Consulting team back in 2021. Learn about her journey at Project A and find out what it takes to succeed in her field

  • All Eyes On David

    All Eyes On David

    David joined our Sales team less than two years ago. Read on to find out why he believes that gamers can be great operations people and learn about his journey

  • All Eyes on Charlotte

    All Eyes on Charlotte

    We want to introduce Charlotte Niklahs, our Director of Venture Development. She joined Project A over five years ago as an intern and is now in charge of the Venture Development team

  • All Eyes on Natalia

    All Eyes on Natalia

    Natalia Bulashenko talks about her journey from a Junior Visual Designer to Project A’s Head of Design

  • All Eyes on Moritz

    All Eyes on Moritz

    We’d like to introduce Moritz Trutschel, our Director of Tech Consulting

  • All Eyes on Steffi

    All Eyes on Steffi

    Steffi has a very exciting and long journey at Project A. She started as an Intern and is now our Head of Technical Program Management. We sat down with Steffi and asked herabout how she shaped her career at Project A

  • All Eyes on Thuy-Ngan

    All Eyes on Thuy-Ngan

    Thuy-Ngan, our CMO, returned to Project A from Facebook to work even closer with our ventures helping them scale their marketing. Read on to find out more about PP’s career path at Project A and what it takes to be successful in a marketing role

  • All Eyes on Valeria and Caro

    All Eyes on Valeria and Caro

    Valeria and Caroline are both part of the Associate Programme at Project A. Read on to find out more about how they continued their journey in the associate programme after their internships

  • All Eyes on Clara

    All Eyes on Clara

    Data analyst Clara joined Project A in August 2020. Today she is giving us an insight into her work. Read on to find out how SQL scripts, nerdy humour and rooftop terrace barbecues are all part of Project A

  • All Eyes on Marie-Theres and Niusha

    All Eyes on Marie-Theres and Niusha

    Marie-Theres Klüpfel and Niusha Shahmoradi were part of the graduate sales program at Project A. Read on to find out what their most exciting projects were all (and learn how Marie ended up shark-diving on the Fijis)

  • All eyes on Patrick, Aiger, and Emanuel

    All eyes on Patrick, Aiger, and Emanuel

    Find out what the sysadmins are doing throughout the day and read about the responsibilities and skills needed

  • All eyes on Jarmila and Szilvia

    All eyes on Jarmila and Szilvia

    Szilvia and Jarmila from the Talent Acquisition team talk about work, friendship, and how can you tell if an applicant is the right person

  • All eyes on Christian

    All eyes on Christian

    Christian Pietrzok is Senior Designer at Project A. He has a background in Media Design and is passionate about all things design, be it a book or an app. Read on to find out about him

  • All Eyes on Alexandra

    All Eyes on Alexandra

    Alexandra Deichsel is a Senior Business Intelligence Manager with a background in Molecular Genetics. Read on to find out why knowledge sharing is actually stronger at Project A than in Academia

  • All Eyes on Andrés

    All Eyes on Andrés

    Andrés Tapia is Head of Marketing at Project A with a background in psychology. He started in the SEO industry back in the days, when there was a “hacking spirit” and he loves a data-driven approach