All Eyes on Clara

Clara Hennecke
Data and Analytics
August 2020

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Welcome Clara! Today all our eyes are on YOU!

You’re one of Project A’s Data Analysts. But what does this mean — what exactly do you do from Monday to Friday?
Actually, it’s almost impossible to answer this question. As I work project-based, what I do varies a lot. But here’s how an exemplary day could look like:

In the morning I often audit, extend or build SQL scripts. In the afternoon I could conduct a workshop about a data topic e.g. tracking with GTM or visualisation in Tableau for one of our portfolio companies. And after work I like to enjoy some beers with colleagues on Project A’s amazing rooftop terrace — as far as this is currently possible given the current covid restrictions, of course.

Ahh yes, I can imagine you and your team are having a great time on our famous rooftop terrace. Tell us a little bit more about your team!
I am super happy to be part of the data team! Each team member has a different set of skills, which allows us to fulfill a broad spectrum of tasks and to easily learn from each other. In our team everyone is always happy to support the others — we actually have different event formats that are solely dedicated to learning and “upskilling”.

And more in general: We are just a super nice and fun group of people. Our sense of humour can be a little nerdy, but it’s hilarious!

That sounds fun! Now on a much shorter notice: Project A in one word.

Why that?
Project A really challenges its employees in a very positive way. We are also given a million opportunities to grow, develop and empower ourselves! If you come up with an idea, at Project A no one will say “don’t do that!” Here everyone encourages and supports you as much as possible to bring your idea to life.

It sounds as though you have had many great moments at Project A. But if you had to pick your favourite, favourite, favourite moment at Project A, which one would it be?
During a project there are actually many nice moments. I especially enjoy when a script finally runs smoothly without any hiccups!

But my favourite, favourite, favourite moment was my third day at Project A when all my data colleagues organised a barbecue for me. This was when I realised that I made a great catch with my team — not only from a business or technical point of view but also on the personal side.

Barbecues are always a good idea! Totally unrelated to barbecues, but do you have a mantra that you work by?
I do, actually! It’s: Don’t try to be like anybody else, be yourself.

One could think that this applies only to life in general, but for me it also applies specifically to business. If you always try to be like somebody else you won’t do a good job in the end and eventually become quite unhappy. It’s so important to develop and sustain your personal style.

We’ve almost made it. Here comes the last question! What are you doing outside of work?
For me it’s quite important to keep a good work-life balance. I like to hang out in one of the many parks in Berlin or go to a really nice restaurant. (I highly appreciate all the good restaurants here as I come from a small village whose culinary offerings don’t go far beyond a pizza place and a “Pommesbude”.) And I am also on the board of a political youth organisation where I work on topics that are important to me such as female empowerment.

Awesome, Clara! Thanks a lot for all your answers, insights and inspiring life mantras 😉

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