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Martin Bach

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What do you like the most about our working culture?
Project A gives you the freedom to share your ideas and follow them. We have the chance to create something great for the benefit of our ventures, and this helps them to become even more successful.

What was the key reason for you to join Project A?
For me, there was not only one reason, but there were three. First, I saw the opportunity to work with many companies and different business models, and to understand them. Second, at Project A our goal is to help our ventures grow with our operational expertise. This inspired me from day one. Third, it was an excellent opportunity to develop my skills as fast as possible.

How does a typical day of an Affiliate Manager look like?
We support our ventures operationally, so the first thing we do in the morning is to update our reporting. This is very important because we work data-driven. These reports help us to identify which publishers are working well and which publisher’s performance can be improved, and based on that we can react and take opportunities. Besides that, every day is different because we support many of our ventures in different affiliate topics.

Is there a trend in Affiliate Marketing you are excited about?
Facebook Groups. They are an excellent opportunity for affiliate marketing because they are interactive and build community. The group admins can act as influencers, so this can be a great chance for our ventures to connect with different target groups and lead traffic to their websites. This can be a chance as well to use these groups as a new kind of affiliate publisher. The group admins are paid to post affiliate links related to postings into the groups.

Another interesting trend is customer journey tracking within your affiliate network. It means you don’t just give commission to a publisher with the “Last Click” but also give budget to publishers with content, which is important to acquire and inspire new customers.

What is your superpower?
I can think of new topics and adopt new knowledge quite fast, so I have a hands-on working style.

Thank you for your time, Martin!

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