All Eyes on Thuy-Ngan

Thuy-Ngan Trinh
April 2020

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You have previously worked at Facebook, what motivated you to come back to Project A?
The first time I joined Project A was 6 years ago. Ever since then I never had the feeling that my learning curve flattened but rather accelerated. Getting your brain trained on how to grow different business models is one of the best opportunities to expand your knowledge. After 4 years at Project A I joined Facebook and let me tell you – working in a US tech company is definitely exciting! Still I was missing a higher contribution of my work and was always drawn to the idea of coming back to Project A … and eventually I just did it :-). For me Project A is a life partnership. It’s not only a place where I can grow professionally but also personally.

What is important to become successful in a marketing role?
A good marketer is both very passionate about creatives & messaging and has a very good technical understanding. You want to stay on top of things when it comes to new technical products, understand how different data sets correlate with each other and keep testing new ideas.

Which are your career goals? In what ways is Project A helping you to achieve these?
Hard to say but Project A definitely provides quite many stretch assignments to grow and achieve the goals. There are also so many bright minds – constantly getting impulses is another factor.

What advice would you give fresh Growth Marketing Managers who want to build their careers?
Performance Marketing is dead :-).

If Project A was an animal, which one would it be?
Sumatran tiger – because it’s my son’s favorite animal at the moment!

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