How to Enhance Dealmaking: Network Platform Meets Investment Team

How do our Network Platform and the Investment team work together to get founders what they need?

by Viola Stadler, Head of Platform

At Project A, the network platform is vital in managing stakeholder relationships. This means ensuring strong connections and effective communication throughout the investment process, from due diligence to exit. 

In the pre-investment phase: One of the critical areas where the network platform collaborates with the investment team is offering pre-investment support: 

This includes support in deal validation, where we conduct industry expert interviews to gain relevant insights. These insights help us increase the quality and credibility of our deep dive investment hypothesis and support our due diligence efforts.

If a deal becomes highly competitive, the strength of our network and, ultimately, the commercial lead-generation potential becomes evident. We provide first-selected introductions to potential customers to showcase commercial lead generation potential to founders before the investment occurs. This showcases the power of our network and, in the best case, convinces the founder of our strength to establish valuable connections and allows the Investment team to win the deal. 

Furthermore, the network platform and Investment team cooperate in deal-closing. The platform team suggests and introduces the founders to well-suited and renowned potential angel investors to fill the round. 

In addition to pre-investment support, the network platform also provides post-investment support

The network platform remains a central point of contact for the portfolio founders, offering growth support by executing commercial lead-generation strategies. Effective relationship management fosters a supportive environment and aligns investors and founders for success.

Other support in alignment with the respective board member of the company from our Investment team is searching for advisors and other key personnel.

The support of the network platform in close collaboration with the Investment team extends to follow-on fundraising efforts, establishing connections to corporate venture capital firms, family offices, and other non-VC funding vehicles.

The collaboration between the network platform and the Investment team at Project A truly enhances the overall investment experience and contributes to the success of our portfolio companies.