Project A Rebranding

The why and how behind Project A’s rebranding

With our experienced team of about 100 professionals operating for our ventures, we are more than a traditional VC. As The Operational VC, we adhere to the assumption that a proper initial configuration lays the groundwork for a company to grow and develop sustainably.

Within the scope of our rebranding, we wanted to account for the diversity of people, industries, and skills that define Project A and the consistency, guidance, and reliability we provide through our operational involvement.

Especially within the VC and startup scene, dynamic change is inherent. All the more important for startups are reliable investors and a solid configuration which enables them to adapt to these changes.

With this in mind, a dynamic branding approach seemed to be the most adequate option to reflect this spectrum between change and reliability. Our brand is intended to recognize change as part of our business reality and therefore be dynamic like a “living organism” while exhibiting a non-varying element that retains brand recognition. Just like a human being, it should be able to embody different character traits and dynamic facets while still being recognizable as one identity.

  • We come from and invest in diverse industries and businesses.
  • We are comprised of different teams and skills.
  • Our employees have different nationalities and speak various languages.

We are growing, cooperating, sharing, learning, adapting, shaping, and innovating in our collaborative effort.

We are reliable and dynamic and create an environment of success for our ventures.

We are framing the future.

Project A logo (animated)

With the cornerstone themes of collaboration, dynamism, and reliability in our work, our rebranding is also reflected in a complete redesign of our website, so be sure to check it out.