The Power of The Network Platform in Venture Capital

This manifesto outlines the key principles and values that make our network platform an invaluable asset for Project A Ventures, our partners, and portfolio companies

By Viola Stadler

Venture capital is all about the network. Venture capital is a people business, connecting founding teams with angels, investors, operators, or corporates and vice versa. What a VC offers, in this case, is a platform—a concept that synergizes the operational aspect of our business and the network at the core of our venture capital mission: To invest in the best entrepreneurs who reshape their industries.

1. Beyond Capital: Add Real Value

Our journey begins by recognizing that venture capital isn’t just about funding startups but nurturing their growth. A venture capital platform plays a critical role by providing resources, expertise, and connections beyond financial investment. Project A’s platform provides this added value to our portfolio companies, ensuring their sustainable development and, in turn, enhancing the performance of our funds.

2. The network is a catalyst

We don’t stop at traditional venture capital functions; we go one step further by integrating a network platform into our ecosystem. Our extensive network of entrepreneurs, angels, industry experts, decision-makers, and potential partners becomes a dynamic tool for structured value creation. This network platform acts as a bridge, facilitating introductions and connections invaluable to our portfolio companies. It enables opportunities, collaborations, and insights that accelerate growth and improves our support to founders and their teams.

3. Foster a group of like-minded people

The role of the networking platform is to act as a central hub for relationship management, connecting people, and facilitating business opportunities. It’s not just about networking; it’s about strengthening existing relationships and building new ones with all the stakeholders in our ecosystem. This includes portfolio founders, active limited partners, angel investors, corporate executives, university or accelerator representatives, consultants, and other key players in the venture capital universe.

4. Live in the real world and be hands-on

Concrete examples of our Network Platform initiatives demonstrate its effectiveness. The Network Platform is essential to our operations, from investor enablement to deal validation and closure support. It encourages knowledge sharing, facilitates expert interviews, and introduces portfolio founders to high-profile potential angels. In the post-investment phase, our focus on business development and building relationships with partners and customers is critical to the commercial growth of our portfolio companies.

5. Combine operational support and network

We are proud to be known as an operational venture capital firm. What sets us apart is a team of 120 experts who actively support our ventures in all areas, be it technology, growth, data, or people. The synergy between active operational support and the strategic use of our unparalleled network makes us unique. The Network Platform complements our operations, particularly in sales and commercial lead generation. It opens doors at the executive level and leverages multiplier effects. The combined power of the Network Platform and our dedicated Project A Services teams create a unique and powerful offering in the European venture capital market.